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Strategic investor “Jay” Jiang Yu shares the secrets to his success…Sponsored Content

Diversification and globalization are essential to Jay’s success in business

Courtesy of Jay Jiang Yu
Courtesy of Jay Jiang Yu

International businesses have proven to be powerful and practical tools for promoting different economies in the world. Investors are increasingly showing interest in international business to expand and diversify their investments. “Jay” Jiang Yu has excelled as an entrepreneur and an investor with success in the international business community.
“Jay” Jiang Yu is one of the most prominent business leaders in the world. A self-made millionaire, Jay has risen from poverty to the pinnacle of success. He is a private investor specializing in corporate advisory services, business incubation, and strategic consulting. Jay is a serial investor and has invested in numerous, diverse companies and industries in the private and public sectors.

Diversification and globalization are essential to Jay’s success in business. He is never afraid of venturing into unfamiliar sectors and taking risks. Many investors will shy away from taking big risks, but unknown to them, that’s where success lies. Investing where you are comfortable is rarely profitable. Some of the industries he has invested in include the mining sector, fitness, sports, fintech, legal, blockchain, and the thriving medical cannabis industry. He also has an eye for the travel and accommodation industry with involvement with prominent players in the sector such as Airbnb.

Jiang is a renowned investor working with global businesses. He has established vast business networks all over the world. His relentless passion for international businesses has been crucial for his global enterprises. It has enabled him to develop key strategic relationships and partnerships throughout the world. He shares a deep understanding of the investment industry, positioning himself as one of the top investors globally.

As a determined, focused, and ambitious investor, Jay has built a name for himself in the industry through his limitless and relentless mindset. He is a go-getter and shares has a calculated and forward-thinking risk-taker mentality to get deals done. He is known for pushing the limits and turning everything he comes across to succeed. Passion is a crucial recipe for success, and he firmly credits self-belief as a key driver in business.

He has traversed the world, meeting with some of the best business minds. He prefers to hold face-to-face conversations and exchange ideas. Through this, he can showcase his genuine and better understand the other partners’ ideas and goals. Such trips have been instrumental to the success of his global businesses.
Beyond the business world, Jay is a strong advocate of education. He is a bachelor in psychology graduate from City College Of New York, completing core classes from Borough of Manhattan Community College. He also holds numerous certifications from various New York City Colleges, among them Columbia University. An academic philanthropist, Jay is an active member of the NU Alpha Phi and participates in mentorship programs to help college students and new graduates.

He is a firm believer in the power of education in unlocking all possibilities. He shares an unquestionable passion for academically empowering others. He founded LunarNYC, a non-profit organization to nature kids across New York through sports and education. And true to Benjamin Franklin’s words, an investment in knowledge pays the highest dividend. Jay is determined to continue to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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