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The Woman Fighting for Justice Against the Terrorists Who Murdered Her Uncle

Moshe Tamam was brutally murdered by terrorists, one of whom was recently freed from jail to great fanfare in his hometown. Moshe’s niece, Dr. Ortal Tamam, discusses the legal struggles of Israeli terror victims’ families.

Ortal Tamam (Photo: Eran Gilvarg)
Ortal Tamam (Photo: Eran Gilvarg)

On August 6, 1984, Corporal Moshe Tamam, who was 19 years old, took a bus ride from the northern city of Tiberia to Tel Aviv. Moshe was on vacation from his military service, where he served as an instructor of heavy-duty vehicle drivers. He was accompanying his girlfriend to her home in Tiberia that day, but on his way back, he was kidnapped and brutally murdered by four Arab-Israeli terrorists.

A year and a half later, the four terrorists were captured, tried, and put in jail. But this was not the end of the story, it was only the beginning. In Israeli jail, the terrorists enjoyed a high standard of living, which includes relative autonomy inside the jail, use of cell phones, the ability to study a degree, and more. A few months ago, one of the murderers, Rushdi Abu-Moch, was set free after the 35 years sentence ended. He was accepted with celebrations in the Israeli-Arab town of Baka-Al Garabia. Moshe Tamam’s family was outraged.

Today, we are honored to have Moshe Tamam’s niece, Dr. Ortal Tamam. Ortal is a medical doctor, and towards the end of her PhD, researching genetics of preterm birth. She is a Gates Award Laureate, and a prominent spokesperson for the families of terror victims in Israel, who are constantly fighting against the lack of justice against the murderers of their loved ones.

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