Two killed in Tel Aviv criminal shooting

Two killed in Tel Aviv criminal shooting

A man reportedly on trial for 2014 murder and his bodyguard ambushed by gunman in parking garage stairwell

Two men were shot dead in the stairwell of a parking garage in Tel Aviv residential building on Saturday night, in what police are investigating as criminal assassinations.

Police said in a statement that the shootings on Totzeret Haaretz Street in the center of the city were “criminal in nature,” and opened an investigation into the incident.

The victims were identified in the Hebrew-language media as a 33-year-old man currently on trial for murder, and his bodyguard.

The two were reportedly shot dead at point blank range by a gunman who ambushed them in the stairwell at the Tel Aviv Towers apartment building.

The shooter fled the scene, and is the subject of a massive man hunt in the area.

The man’s wife and children reportedly witnessed the shooting, but were left unharmed.

Police requested that the public avoid the area.

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