WATCH: The 63-year-history of Eurovision in three minutes

WATCH: The 63-year-history of Eurovision in three minutes

Israeli video artist Kutiman presents multimedia chronicle of international song contest with footage spanning seven decades

An Israeli video artist compiled footage from the 63 Eurovision contests held every year since 1956, putting together a three-minute tribute mash-up that wowed viewers during this year’s first semifinal round.

The clip produced by Ophir Kutiel — known by his stage name “Kutiman” — includes black and white and colored footage spanning over seven decades, with some of Eurovision’s most iconic performers from Israel and around Europe.

Kutiman, who featured in the first and second Eurovision semifinals earlier this week, is known locally for the Kutiman Orchestra, a funk band that performs mainly in Tel Aviv.

He’s become even better known for his online music video project, called “ThruYOU,” which features a mix of samples of YouTube videos, combining various musicians and sometimes singers to create a wholly new kind of music compilation. Kutiman’s first “ThruYOU” video in 2009 received more than 10 million views in around two weeks.

He has since produced several more “ThruYOU” pieces, as well as a series of “Thru The City” videos, in which he is commissioned to create his unique compilations for various cities worldwide.

In 2016, Israeli filmmaker Ido Haar, released a documentary on one of Kutiel’s discoveries on YouTube,  Samantha “Princess Shaw” Montgomery of New Orleans, and their journey to meet in person in Israel.

The film, screened in the US and Israel, is a tale of unlikely partners and perseverance, including Haar’s own steadfastness in seeing the story through to its end.

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