It’s cold out there, but according to the folks organizing Sheon Choref, Jerusalem’s annual Winter Noise Festival, it’s exactly the right time to get people out on the streets of the city.

Now in its third year, Sheon Choref — held for four consecutive Monday nights in February — began last Monday night, with a series of events along the the pedestrian-friendly, cobblestoned axis of Schatz and the upper section of Bezalel Street, up to the Designers in the City complex and Gerard Behar Theater on the lower section of Bezalel.

The organizers, working with the Young City department of the municipality, started things off at the Nocturno Cafe one the first floor of the Designers complex, where a photocopied, hand-drawn, fairly illegible map directed participants towards seven (possibly eight?) destinations, including pop-up stores and media installations.

But you could also just wander the route, stopping to see Vertigo dancers acting as mannequins in shop windows, listening to an energetic three-piece band playing jazz in a local delicatessen or lining up for chef’s treats and a lecture from former news anchorwoman Miki Haimovich about her reasons for starting the Meatless Monday project in Israel.

Getting into the groove on Schatz (photo credit: Jessica Steinberg/Times of Israel)

Getting into the groove on Schatz (photo credit: Jessica Steinberg/Times of Israel)

As for this Monday, it’s being held along the stretch of Hillel Street, and the events are manifold. There’s a series of lectures being held at 14 Hillel Street, from how to become an entrepreneur and the story of Shapiro Beer to the nitty-gritty behind popular Internet show “Mashiach.” Watch hair sculpting in the windows of a Hillel Street salon, get some styling tips at the Wizo secondhand shop and learn how to make sushi at the Hillel branch of Rechavia sushi bar. There’s also a cooperative market at the Nisui High School, a whiskey workshop at Dublin Bar, a bunch of bands, DJ sessions and offbeat art installations, as well as open night at the Museum of Italian Jewish Art.

For more exact information and times, head to the Sheon Choref (Winter Noise Festival) Facebook page, where an app can be downloaded or you can scroll through the list of events. And if that requires too much planning, just head to Hillel Street on Monday night (and Aza Street on February 17 and Ein Kerem on February 24), and see what’s going on.