The police suspect that a senior figure in the criminal underworld committed suicide on Thursday, after he was found shot in the head at his home in Netanya. Other causes of death have not been ruled out.

Charlie Abutbul was taken to Laniado Hospital in critical condition with a severe gunshot wound. Abutbul, 57, died shortly thereafter.

His wife and several of his children were at home at the time of the shooting, but in a different room.

According to police, the weapon was found at the scene, pointing to suicide as the cause of death.

Emergency responders arrived at Abutbul’s and surrounded the area.

Once head of a family crime ring, Abutbul had reportedly given up involvement in organized crime, Channel 10 quoted police sources saying.

Several of his close relatives have been assassinated in recent years, and two of his sons are serving out long jail sentences for violent crimes.

Earlier this year Abutbul reached a plea deal with prosecutors in the kidnapping of a yeshiva student in 2012. He was expected to be sentenced to up to 16 months in prison.

Abutbul’s lawyer told Channel 2 that his client underwent a drastic change of character in recent years since his son, Francois, was convicted in 2008 of murder and sentenced to life in prison.