An Israeli dental implant clinic decided to capitalize on US President Barack Obama’s indecision on striking Syria by highlighting the issue in an ad appearing in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz Monday.

The ad features a picture of Obama’s face with the caption “Lost your teeth?”

An English version prepared by the same agency, which did not appear in the Hebrew daily, reads “Lost your bite?”

Obama backed off his calls for an immediate strike on Syria on Saturday even as Secretary of State John Kerry publicly said that the US has definitive proof of the Syrian government using sarin gas in an attack on August 21.

The ad in Haaretz. "Haven't got any teeth" text reads. (Screenshot: Haaretz digital edition)

The ad in Haaretz. ‘Haven’t got any teeth’ text reads. (Screenshot: Haaretz digital edition)

A day earlier, Kerry had bracketed Assad with Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein, saying the carefully planned attack killed 1,429 Syrians. The president, in a change of heart, decided first to seek authorization for military action from Congress.

Congress is to vote on whether to take military action sometime after September 9.