Danny Danon. Likudnik. Deputy Defense Minister.


Beit Shemesh residents who showed up for a political rally Monday night couldn’t be blamed if they thought Danon had some extra-human powers, after they witnessed him rush to save a cameraman from falling off the stage.

Danon, one of the more hawkish members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling party, was delivering a speech supporting the mayoral campaign of secular candidate Eli Cohen ahead of Beit Shemesh’s court-ordered repeated election.

He noticed that a cameraman was about to fall backwards of the stage. He stopped mid-speech, and ran over to the man, catching him at the last moment.

The cameraman hung upside down for a few seconds, until another man helped him safely to the ground.

Danon later published a photo of his superman act on his Facebook page, crediting photographer Yaakov Lederman for capturing the moment.