An Israel drone aircraft crashed in the northern Gaza Strip Sunday.

Hamas’s military wing claimed it shot down the unmanned aerial vehicle. The al-Qassam Brigades wrote on Twitter that it had downed the drone with what it called a “mini-drone.”

The Israel Defense Forces denied the report, saying its drone crashed from a technical malfunction. “In contradiction to the Palestinian reports, there was a Skylark tactical mini UAV system that crashed in the northern Gaza Strip due to a technical malfunction,” an IDF spokesperson said.

A photo published on the Facebook page of the Palestinian Quds news agency claimed to show the crashed drone.

The Skylark, operated by the field troops from the Artillery Corps, is a 7.5 kilogram drone that is launched by infantry and can send live video footage back to operators in the field. It is is used primarily for surveillance and intelligence-gathering.

In 2012, a Skylark crashed near Nablus in the West Bank and was recovered by IDF troops.

Reportedly, Hamas was to hold a press conference later in the day at which it would show off the drone.

In 2007, a similar drone crashed in northern Gaza from a technical malfunction and Hamas also claimed responsibility, showing off pictures at a press conference.