Farmer covers self in manure over Gaza
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Farmer covers self in manure over Gaza

Frustrated southern resident nominates Netanyahu and ministers Bennett and Liberman in 'shit bucket challenge'

Saar Altman, a resident of the southern kibbutz of Nir Yitzhak, brought new, smelly meaning to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in an effort to push the government to end, once and for all, ongoing rocket attacks on the region’s inhabitants.

In a video uploaded Saturday, he said, “I want to raise awareness for the residents for the residents of the Gaza border region… I challenge [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu], [Foreign Minister Avigdor] Liberman and [Economy Minister Naftali] Bennett, who think that we can use force to solve the problems of the south without a long-term solution. Because of this approach, we have been eating shit for 14 years and our lives are hell!” a defiant-looking Altman declared as he signaled to the tractor behind him to dump a large heap of cow manure on top of him.

Altman’s spin on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge — a popular initiative whose participants nominate others to dump ice water on themselves or donate money to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis research within 24 hours — challenged the government to find a long-term solution to the area’s persistent rocket barrages.

Altman’s Facebook upload received thousands of shares on a variety of social media platforms within 24 hours of its posting. A feces-covered Altman, visibly disgusted after his stunt, which he called the “Shit Bucket Challenge,” spent the latter part of the 48-second video laughing.

Along with the video, Altman posted a message calling out members of the government for what he called their inability to prevent frequent flareups of violence along the Gaza border, saying, “While you live comfortable lives knowing your families are safe, we have been living in hell for 14 years.”

The video garnered a range of reactions among Israelis of diverse political affiliations.

“Will you stand for the challenge?” Altman asked his nominees, as he concluded his post, implying that if Netanyahu and the ministers failed to solve the security problem they would have to repeat his stunt.

As of Sunday afternoon, the offices of Netanyahu, Liberman and Bennett had yet to respond to Altman’s challenge.

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