Young audiences on Hamas’s Al-Aqsa TV were entertained in an unorthodox way last week when a guest on one of its shows was asked by the host, a young girl, to imitate the sound of a rocket being launched toward Israel.

Just before leaving the studio, the adult guest on the channel’s “Tomorrow’s Pioneers” children’s show was asked do one last imitation “of the sound of our rockets.”

The man, who was unnamed in a clip translated by Palestine Media Watch, was taken aback at first, and the young girl host asked him again to make “the sound of the explosion.” The host added that the imitation would “encourage and excite” the audience, to which she referred as “our children friends.”

The man finally consented to imitate a rocket being launched, and another child, a boy, gave him a wry smile.

“That’s the M-75,” the boy pointed out. The guest said that that was indeed the sound an M-75 long-range rocket makes “when it’s launched from us.”

The host then asked him to imitate the sound the rocket makes when it hits Israel.

The guest laughed and said, “I can’t hear it!”

Another adult guest, Nahul, then said he had heard the sound “in the clouds,” imitating the sound of an explosion.