As US President Barack Obama visited Russia Thursday for an economic summit of the G-20 nations, Lebanese parliamentarian Hassan Fadlallah alleged that Washington’s plans to wage a military strike against Syria constituted “organized terrorism” aimed at backing Israel.

Fadlallah, who represents Islamist Shi’ite organization Hezbollah in the Lebanese parliament, said at the conclusion of a meeting of pro-Syrian parliamentarians that the “direct involvement” of the Obama administration in the war taking place in neighboring Syria proved the attack plans were an “international conspiracy.”

Their aim, he continued, was to cement and expand colonialist and Zionist rule and “foreign dominance” over the Middle East.

“The American aggression against Syria represents an organized terrorism that threatens the regional as well as the international stability and aims at strengthening the Zionist arm and the colonial grip to control the whole region,” Fadlallah said.

Meanwhile Thursday, Russia Today quoted a spokesman for the military wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) as saying that the group would target Israel if Syria were to be attacked.

The spokesman said the group had “no red lines” where Israel was concerned, appealing to other Palestinian factions to stand by Syria.

“Syria, which stood by us and embraced the Palestinian resistance movement, deserves our support at this moment,” he said, alleging that the Syrian conflict was no ordinary popular uprising, but a “conspiracy against the Syrian people, army and leadership.”