IDF releases video of Iran arms ship takeover

IDF releases video of Iran arms ship takeover

Bags of cement mix found next to long-range missiles bear 'Made in I.R. Iran' label

The IDF released a video Thursday showing footage from the operation on board the “Klos-C,” a ship intercepted in the Red Sea Wednesday which, according to officials, carries dozens of long-range rockets intended for Hamas.

The images show IDF commandos boarding the ship, then the discovery of the M-302-type missiles, which have a range of up to 200 kilometers (more than 100 miles), inside packing crates. It also highlights the ostensible primary cargo carried by the ship, cement and other supplies, some of which is clearly labeled in English “Made in I. R. Iran.”

The “Klos-C” had sailed from Iran and was headed to Port Sudan, where the Syrian-made rockets were to be transferred overland to Gaza and Islamic terror group Hamas, Israeli officials said Wednesday.

The video also portrays the “Klos-C” being towed to Eilat, escorted by multiple Israeli Navy boats. The ship is to arrive Saturday in Israel for a thorough inspection.

Another video released on Thursday shows behind-the-scenes footage at IDF Central Command as the initial operation to take the ship was underway.

The two-minute video briefly reveals the seized ship, and then shifts to IDF headquarters, where an officer from the IDF commando team on-board informs IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon — via video link — that it found weapons from Iran and identified the M-302 rockets.

The video shows an unidentified IDF officer relaying information from the field to Central Command. The officer notes that the ship passed through Bandar Abbas, a major Iranian port, and continued to Um Qasr, a port city in Iraq, before being seized by the IDF.

“Shayetet-13 commandos uncovered weapons from Iran, a significant amount of weapons. We have positively identified M-302 rockets. We are continuing to search for more weapons,” the officer says.

Gantz congratulates the team on their successful operation, and orders them to “start moving to the north” to bring the ship into Israeli waters. The end of the video shows Gantz explaining the operation in greater detail. He notes that the “impressive and professional” operation is not yet over, as the IDF team and the seized vessel have not yet returned to Israel.

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