The Iranian regime has launched a public campaign to recruit volunteers to fight alongside regime forces and Hezbollah men in neighboring war-torn Syria, amid reports that Israel launched a pair of successful airstrikes there.

The Iranian recruitment call appears mainly on a site belonging to supporters of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, according to the Iran-Israel Observer, which is run by Israeli-based Iranian-born commentator Meir Javedanfar. Would-be volunteers are asked to call an Iranian number or send a text message. The Iranian site also bears the logo of Hezbollah, which recently said it was “ready to prevent Syria from falling into Tel Aviv and Washington’s hands.”

The site quotes prominent Iranian lawmaker Mohammad Saleh Jokar as announcing: “Today our main war front is against the Zionist entity. This front has to be strengthened and the Zionist entity must be destroyed in the region. The treacheries are continuing and there is no longer a justification to stand still; those who are volunteers have to go and start helping.”

The recruitment drive comes a day after an Iranian commander said that Syria was perfectly capable of defending itself and did not require help, but that Tehran was ready to support Syria and offer it aid in case of further Israeli strikes.

“Syria has a powerful army and with the structure and experience it has against the Zionist regime it can definitely defend itself and there is no need for intervention by other countries,” said Iranian army ground forces commander Ahmad Reza Pourdastan, according to the Iranian semi-official Fars news agency. “But, if they do need training, we can help them.”

The details of the recruitment “program” will be announced at a later date, said the site, due to the “sensitivity of the situation” and the “mischief of the enemies of Islam.”