The Israeli air force struck five militant targets in the Gaza Strip Thursday night, after three rockets were fired into Israel from the Palestinian coastal territory earlier in the evening.

The IDF confirmed it had attacked four targets in the northern Strip and one in its center, saying it had confirmed hitting them all.

Palestinian officials said several Hamas outposts were hit, Israel Radio reported. There was no word on casualties.

The strikes came in response to a rocket attack on the Sderot region during the evening hours. Three rockets were fired in the Palestinian attack, but they fell in open areas and no injuries or damage were reported, though alarm sirens went off in the area.

The past three weeks have seen relative quiet along Israel’s border with Gaza after a brief flareup last month.

On March 12, at least 60 rockets hit Israel and Israeli warplanes pounded Gaza in response, in the worst violence around the territory since an eight-day conflict between Israel and Hamas in November 2012.