Man shot to death at his home in Jaffa

Man shot to death at his home in Jaffa

Five young adults also injured in four separate brawls across Israel on Thursday night

A Jaffa resident was shot to death outside his home on Thursday evening by assailants who then fled the scene. The man’s family brought him to  Wolfson Hospital in Holon in critical condition; doctors subsequently pronounced him dead.

The man was identified on Friday as Hani Mahajana, 32. Initial reports indicate that he was known to the local authorities. Police have speculated that the killing was a result of acriminal dispute.

Authorities arrived at the scene and began investigating the incident.

Also on Thursday night, five young adults were injured in four separate brawls across the country.

In Jerusalem, an 18 year-old man was injured by a blow to the head after a fight broke out at Zion Square between Jews and Arabs. The injured man was evacuated to Hadassah hospital in Ein Karem. Police were searching for the other participants in the brawl, who dispersed. It was not known what exactly led to the fight breaking out.

In Tiberias two men in their early 20s were evacuated to the hospital in serious condition after being stabbed when a fight broke out at a private party. A suspect was arrested in the incident and was to appear in court on Friday.

Also in the north, Afula police arrested three men suspected in the stabbing of a 24 year-old man at the entrance to Kibbutz Merhavia, near the city.

Finally, in Tel Aviv, a street fight landed a man in his early 20s in the hospital with a head injury.  Two policemen were lightly injured while attempting to break the fight up when they inhaled pepper spray.

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