JERUSALEM — Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones celebrated the bar mitzvah of their son in Jerusalem.

The Hollywood power couple arrived in Israel on Thursday for the weekend bar mitzvah of Dylan Michael Douglas, Ynet reported.

The family stayed in the presidential suite of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

They toured Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount tunnels, according to the Forward, which noted that Zeta-Jones has considered converting to Judaism.

Last month, Douglas partied a bit too hard at an earlier celebration of his son’s bar mitzvah and suffered an injury that had him limping.

According to The New York Post, Douglas was spotted at a launch party on Wednesday with a visible limp.

“I’m hurting,” he told the paper. “I don’t know whether it’s my groin or a hernia. I got carried away at my son’s bar mitzvah this weekend.

“You know they put you up in the chairs over the top — I think something happened there.”