Vandals overnight Wednesday sprayed graffiti of Stars of David with the legend “Price Tag” on a dozen or so tombstones in a Muslim cemetery in central Jerusalem.

Police opened an investigation into the case.

A tomb at the Muslim cemetery on Agron street (photo credit: CC-BY-SA 66AVI/Wikimedia Commons)

A tomb at the Muslim cemetery on Agron Street (photo credit: CC-BY-SA 66AVI/Wikimedia Commons)

The Mamilla Cemetery on Agron Street, which holds graves hundreds of years old, has been the center of legal battles between groups looking to preserve the site and those trying to develop the city.

“Price Tag” is the slogan sprayed in attacks carried out by right-wing Jewish extremists against the Palestinian population. The acts are often carried out either following Israeli government decisions the extremists perceive as being oriented against the settlers, or in retaliation to what they see as offensive Palestinian actions.

On Wednesday, security forces tore down nine buildings in the Maale Rehavam outpost in the eastern Etzion Bloc, outside Jerusalem.