Police nab suspected killer after 48-hour hunt

Police nab suspected killer after 48-hour hunt

Avner Twek allegedly murdered his former lover Nava Chen earlier this week

Police on Thursday arrested Avner Twek, the prime suspect in the killing of his former lover Nava Chen, after a 48-hour manhunt during which the Israeli public was called upon to help find the fugitive.

Twek allegedly stabbed Chen, a mother of three, in her home in the central town of Tel Mond on Tuesday morning, before fleeing the scene. Chen, who managed to stagger a few steps to the yard, was discovered shortly afterward by her teenage daughter, who was returning from a school field trip.

On Thursday morning, police found Twek in a deserted building in the southern coastal city of Ashkelon. He admitted to committing the murder, police said.

Chen and Twek’s year-long relationship ended in September, after which the suspect allegedly threatened Chen on multiple occasions. Chen complained to the police, who searched for Twek and issued a warrant for his arrest.

Chen was given the option of moving into a women’s shelter while police continued their search for Twek, but she declined to do so.

During Chen’s funeral, her family decried what they called police incompetence and lamented the fact that Twek had not been arrested in the past despite numerous complaints filed against him by the deceased.

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