Refaeli’s Super Bowl kiss censored
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Refaeli’s Super Bowl kiss censored

CBS insists on toned-down version of Israeli supermodel's TV commercial make-out with computer nerd

Bar Refeali and Jesse Heiman, lip-locked (photo credit: YouTube screenshot)
Bar Refeali and Jesse Heiman, lip-locked (photo credit: YouTube screenshot)

CBS has censored Bar Refaeli’s beauty-and-the-geek Super Bowl commercial, and won’t broadcast the Israeli supermodel’s full kiss with actor Jesse Heiman in all its improbable passion.

The censorship will come as no surprise to advertiser GoDaddy, the website host firm, which is accustomed to having its racy Super Bowl commercials cut, and plainly delights in the additional publicity.

CBS rejected two versions of the commercial; “too much tongue,” apparently. A toned-down alternative is being screened instead. Word is the clip took 45 takes, so there must have been plenty of footage to choose from.

Refaeli told NBC’s Today program on the eve of the Super Bowl that she’s delighted with the “sexy meets smart” commercial, because she’s “always wanted to go to a club,” pick out the guy who she’d be least likely to pay attention to, kiss him and “make his week.” Chubby, blushing, bespectacled “Walter,” Heiman’s character, certainly fits that description.

Refeali and Heiman were interviewed together on the NBC show — she from Tel Aviv, he in New York. Refaeli asserted that Heiman is “a very, very good kisser.” Quite an endorsement, said the Today show hosts.

Heiman — a veteran of “American Pie” and similar college campus-based comedy films — said he tried to make the scene “as perfect as possible.”

The hosts suggested he need not ask to be paid for this particular job.

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