Ninet makes a match for Shlomi Shaban
Musical matchmakerMusical matchmaker

Ninet makes a match for Shlomi Shaban

Singer hooked up 'piano man' with Acollective, an eclectic band that provided inspiration for his first album in seven years

Jessica Steinberg covers the Sabra scene from south to north and back to the center.

It’s been a busy winter for Ninet Tayeb. The singer and actress, who came to fame as the first winner of “Kochav Nolad,” Israel’s original music reality TV show, began 2014 by performing with Cyndi Lauper in her January performance in Tel Aviv’s Nokia Arena.

Now, reports TV host Guy Pines, the raven-haired rocker has also become a matchmaker, but of the professional ilk. The 30-year-old singer sometimes performs with Acollective, an indie-rock band of seven musicians known for their eclectic sound. (It’s been hotly debated in local gossip columns whether Tayeb is dating an Acollective musician, possibly Idan Rabinowitz or Yossi Mizrachi). Along the way, she introduced her buddy, pianist Shlomi Shaban, to the group and he also began performing with Acollective.

The talented Shaban, often known as Israel’s piano man, hasn’t come out with a new album in seven years, but it seems the eclectic group stirred his artistic mojo, as he will be presenting his new album at Tel Aviv’s Heichal HaTarbut in April.

Shaban recently wrote on his Facebook page that he owes much of the inspiration for the new album to his new musical buddies.

“During the last few months, I had the pleasure of shutting myself in the studio with Acollective, to work on a new album. I have no words to describe the honor of being surrounded by so much talent, love and experience. It was a journey that even during the difficult moments I was aware, in real time, of how unusual and unique it was. The songs had been gathered over the last few years, but most were written in the last year.”

Shaban’s first song on the album, “Last Night in London,” was introduced on Army Radio in late January.

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