A small bomb attached to a vehicle in central Tel Aviv exploded on Saturday night.

There were no injuries, although the vehicle was damaged.

An initial investigation led police to believe that the incident — which occurred on Nahalat Binyamin, a popular pedestrian boulevard within the city — was criminally motivated, and not a terror attack. The owner of the car has not yet been found.

The Tel Aviv area has seen its share of attempted bombings in recent months.

On December 22, a bomb ripped through a Dan No. 240 bus in the Tel Aviv suburb of Bat Yam, though no one was killed in the apparent terror attack because the driver had evacuated the bus passengers after noticing a suspicious package. Fourteen suspects, including 10 Bedouin Israeli citizens, were arrested on Thursday for their believed involvement in the attack.

On November 7, a car bomb destroyed the vehicle of a senior prosecutor in the Central District State Attorney’s Office in Tel Aviv in an incident believed to be linked to organized crime.