The US Embassy in Tel Aviv issued a warning on Tuesday prohibiting members of staff who hold US citizenship and their families from using minibus services for the next two weeks.

The announcement, which was echoed by the Consulate General of the United States in Jerusalem, came after Sunday’s attempted bomb attack on a bus in Bat Yam.

All of the passengers and the driver managed to safely evacuate the bus minutes before the bomb, which was hidden in a bag, exploded.

“The temporary prohibition on sheruts is in effect for the next two weeks as we assess the security implications of the December 22 bomb attack on a public bus in the Bat Yam neighborhood of Tel Aviv,” the warning said.

Shared minibus-taxis, known as “sheruts,” are a popular method of intercity travel in Israel as they often depart for their destinations more frequently then scheduled buses.

The US Embassy prohibition on its staff comes in addition to a ban already in place against using public buses or bus terminals.