Human rights group B’Tselem released on Thursday evening a video of a suspected “price tag” attack on Palestinian vehicles in the West Bank village of Qabalan.

The video, captured by a gas station security camera, shows two figures crouching by the tires of a car and a fuel truck that were parked at the station. Later, the figures are seen standing by a wall near the vehicles.

On Thursday morning, the tires of four vehicles were found slashed, and graffiti — reading (in Hebrew) “mutual responsibility” and “holy fire” (Esh Kodesh) — was discovered spray-painted on the gas station wall. A Star of David was found spray-painted on another wall nearby.

IDF forces clashed with settlers at the nearby Esh Kodesh outpost on Wednesday.

Though the date on the video tape reads December 31, B’Tselem officials said that the events recorded took place on Thursday morning.

The incident bears resemblance to “price tag” attacks, in which right-wing radicals commit acts against the Palestinian population as “punishment” for government decisions they perceive as being against the settlers.

However, unlike previous attacks, the words “price tag” were not found painted anywhere.

B’Tselem officials have handed over the documentation of the incident to the police, who are investigating.

Qabalan is located approximately 19 kilometers (12 miles) southeast of Nablus, and 50 kilometers (31 miles) north of Jerusalem.

An IDF source said that the army takes incidents such as this very seriously.