2 relatives arrested in murder of woman whose body was found Tuesday

2 relatives arrested in murder of woman whose body was found Tuesday

Killing of Ofira Chaim, whose remains were found buried in her yard, reportedly motivated by a financial dispute

Ofira Chaim (Courtesy)
Ofira Chaim (Courtesy)

Two relatives of Ofira Chaim, whose body was found Tuesday, two weeks after she was reported missing, were set to appear in court Wednesday after they were arrested on suspicion of murdering her.

Police discovered the body buried under a tree in the backyard of her home in the central Israel town of Tel Mond.

A number of Chaim’s relatives were questioned by police on Tuesday after the discovery of her body.

Police issued a gag order preventing publication of identifying details of the suspects.

Local media reported that police suspect the murder may have been motivated by a financial dispute.

Chaim, 56, a divorced mother of three daughters, worked as a substitute teacher in a local school. Until recently she owned a cafe, and reportedly there was a dispute over the division of profits made from the sale of the establishment.

She had told her daughters that she was going to an event in the coastal city of Netanya and would only return early the following morning. Since then there was no trace of her and her car was left parked next to her home.

Two of Chaim’s daughters, Mor and Adiya, told the Ynet news site that her mother had gone missing from her home.

“She simply disappeared from the house — not on her way to work or from work — she disappeared from her home during the day.”

Adiya, who was in India at the time of her mother’s disappearance, added that her mother was not in any kind of trouble and did not owe anyone money.

The scene where the body of missing woman Ofira Chaim was found in her garden, Tel Mond, July 10, 2018 (Flash90)

Due to the condition of the body, it was sent for identification at the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute, police said.

“To the extent that it can be confirmed that it is the body of Ofira Chaim, this is a murder investigation,” police said Tuesday.

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