Top-flight flying

As the many sweat their COVID travel, the few get a VIP terminal

For the right price, Israel’s main airport offers a space apart, including private rooms, champagne and a ride to the plane

Ben Gurion Airport's VIP Fatal Terminal (Screenshot Channel 13)
Ben Gurion Airport's VIP Fatal Terminal (Screenshot Channel 13)

A Channel 13 report focusing on the trials and tribulations of flying during the pandemic and how Ben Gurion International Airport has handled the new challenges gave viewers a peek into the airport’s exclusive VIP area — the Fattal Terminal.

Those who are willing the pay the $460 price per visit get access to a spacious, sleekly designed room, with friendly staff members and coffee, snacks and champagne on tap.

Personalized airport services are provided, including security checks, passport control and baggage claim.

There are also showers, a cigar room and duty free shops, and — for an extra $560 — a private room can be arranged.

Passengers are driven onto the tarmac to and from their plane in a car provided by the airport.

“People don’t even need to give their real name,” for their time at the terminal, says Shani Shiferman, director of Fattal Terminal. “Sometimes we use a pseudonym agreed upon beforehand.”

A staffer at Ben Gurion Airport’s Fattal Terminal pouring a glass of champagne for a passenger (Screenshot Channel 13)

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