Baby dies after nanny leaves him in bathtub

Baby dies after nanny leaves him in bathtub

After clinging to life for six days, 11-month-old Zohar Ergaz passes away; family to donate organs

Marissa Newman is The Times of Israel political correspondent.

Zohar Ergaz (photo credit: Courtesy)
Zohar Ergaz (photo credit: Courtesy)

An 11-month-old baby who was hospitalized in critical condition for six days after his nanny left him alone briefly in a bathtub, passed away on Monday.

The parents of Zohar Ergaz decided to donate his organs, in a move praised by MK Yifat Kariv of the Yesh Atid party. Kariv offered condolences to the Ergaz family, and said “the strength and force of reaching the decision to donate his organs is not [an] obvious [one]. At difficult moments, in the emotional whirlwind, a set of parents decide to save the lives of others — I’m deeply moved by this.”

Kariv also wrote in a statement that she hopes to advance a bill to grant benefits to families of organ donors, including tax breaks, financial assistance for burial, and subsidized psychological treatment.

The nanny was interrogated by police for negligence following the incident, and has hired an attorney to represent her. On Sunday, she visited the Ergaz family at the hospital with the family’s permission.

“I can’t sleep, can’t shut my eyes,” the nanny, A., told Channel 2 on Thursday. “I see his face and cry. I love him like my son.”

A. described the scene preceding the tragedy, at which point she fastened the bath seats of Zohar and his twin sister, before leaving the room to use the other bathroom.

“I put them in the bathtub, they have two [bath] seats,” she said. “I forced them closed, I heard the click. I soaped them, we sang, I brought them games. Suddenly I had a stomachache, I couldn’t wait. I felt secure that they were in the seat and it was shut. I went for a minute to the bathroom, and told them ‘be back in a second.'”

“I entered the bathroom, and suddenly I hear quiet,” she continued. “I got up quickly, and before I even left, I saw Zohar in the water. I lifted him up to give him air, and pressed on his chest, I didn’t hear a heartbeat.”

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