Brad Pitt’s rumored new girlfriend is Israeli MIT professor Neri Oxman
'Bradri' or 'Nerad'?

Brad Pitt’s rumored new girlfriend is Israeli MIT professor Neri Oxman

The Hollywood star seems to be talking about more than just home design with the wildly accomplished Haifa-born architect

Executive producer Brad Pitt attends the premiere of Netflix's "Okja" on June 8, 2017, in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)
Executive producer Brad Pitt attends the premiere of Netflix's "Okja" on June 8, 2017, in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Israeli architect and MIT professor Neri Oxman is the reported new girlfriend of Hollywood star Brad Pitt.

While some sources claim Pitt and Oxman are “just friends,” according to People, “they’ve met up a few times since the fall and Pitt has been flying frequently to the East Coast.” Pitt visited one of Oxman’s classes last fall and was spotted walking around MIT just a few weeks ago.

Page Six reported that Pitt, 54, first connected with Oxman, 42, when the two collaborated “on an architectural project he was working on.”

Since then, the two call each other regularly on the phone — and not just about sustainable architecture.

“They continue to talk on the phone several times a day and are very infatuated with each other,’” a source close to Neri told Us Weekly.

Pitt has been “casually dating,” since his split from Angeline Jolie in 2016. Their divorce is still being finalized. The former Hollywood power couple has six children together, three of whom are adopted.

It wouldn’t be Pitt’s first familial connection to Israel: Jolie’s father, actor Jon Voight, is a staunch supporter of Chabad and Israel. In 2015, Voight appeared in a campaign ad for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Pitt was also previously married to Jennifer Aniston and engaged to Gwenyth Paltrow.

While Pitt seems to be veering away from the actress-type, it doesn’t seem to be Pitt’s star power that has captured the Haifa-native. According to a 2017 interview with W Magazine, Oxman mentioned Pitt as an example of the human tendency and danger of idolizing male icons.

“For the same reason we have the Brad Pitts and the George Clooneys, it’s just part of human nature to idolize stereotypes. Such singularities are useful to the common perception of heroism,” she explained.

“But it’s not only true for architecture; it’s true in musical composition, for females working in theater, for film directors. This isn’t just a disease of the architecture profession; it’s a phenotype of human culture and how we develop stereotypes and perceptions,” said Oxman.

Indeed, the star is going to have to do more than flash a smile to keep up with Oxman who a fellow architect described as both a “genius and gorgeous,” according to People.

In 2012, Shalom Life named Oxman the “most talented, intelligent, funny, and gorgeous Jewish women in the world.”

Considered a “revolutionary mind” in fusing the fields of technology and architecture, Oxman was born in Israel to an American father and an Israeli mother, Robert and Rivka Oxman, both well-known architects.

Oxman has said that her design aesthetic is rooted in her childhood in Israel. According to Vilcek’s Foundation website, “Oxman spent her days in her grandmother’s garden and her nights at her parents’ architectural studio in Haifa. She grew up ‘between nature and culture,’ pressing leaves and making balsa airplanes.”

After completing her mandatory service in the Israeli army, she went on to medical school at Hebrew University before switching over to the Technion to study architecture. Oxman eventually received her PhD in design computation at MIT where she stayed on as a professor of media arts and sciences at the school’s Media Lab.

In 2015, Oxman gave a Ted Talk on the intersection of technology and biology.

According to Oxman’s bio, the professor, “coined the term, and pioneered the field of, Material Ecology, which considers computation, fabrication, and the material itself as inseparable dimensions of design.”

One of Oxman’s most notable works is “Silk Pavilion,” an installation she created along with her research group, Mediated Matter, in the MIT Media Lab. Oxman used 6,500 silkworms to spin a multi-sided igloo-like structure, an example of her unique style of combining biology with digital design.

Oxman isn’t planning on letting Pitt distract her from any future pursuits.
“Their busy schedules are going to be a huge challenge because Neri isn’t going to give up her life in Cambridge or her job at MIT for anyone, even Brad Pitt,” a source close to Oxman told Us Weekly.

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