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Conan O’Brien shows off his bathroom Hebrew

On flight to Israel, late night host invokes Moses’s commandment to ‘dispose of your towels,’ King David’s love of hand lotion

Conan O'Brien practices his Hebrew in an El Al airplane bathroom en route to Israel on August 25, 2016. (Screen capture: Twitter)
Conan O'Brien practices his Hebrew in an El Al airplane bathroom en route to Israel on August 25, 2016. (Screen capture: Twitter)

American comedian and talk show host Conan O’Brien, who arrived in Israel to film a television special on the country, posted a video of himself to Twitter “brushing up” on his Hebrew.

In the video, which he filmed in an airplane bathroom en route to Israel, O’Brien points to a number of objects in the lavatory in order to “prove” he is on an El Al flight.

Starting with the lid of the trash can, on which is written “towel disposal” in English, O’Brien points to the Hebrew letters and says “and you can see right here, going the other way, towel disposal.”

“I actually recognize that from the Old Testament when Moses tells his people to listen to the commandments and also dispose of your towels,” he quips.

“He was a real neatnick,” O’Brien says of Moses. “Dispose of those towels he said.”

After finishing telling the biblical tale of Moses and the towels, O’Brien next turns his attention to the hand moisturizer.

“I actually recognize that because when you read the words of King David he’s always asking for moisturizer. He just hates the heat, he is drying out,” he says.

“He’d grown up in Florida, King David, so he very much wanted moisturizer,” he added.

Later, when someone begins pounding on the door of the bathroom, O’Brien makes an unintelligible guttural noise in an apparent attempt at speaking Hebrew, before saying “peace, peace, l’chaim, l’chaim.”

As the knocking continues, O’Brien says “please, please, there is a peaceful solution here,” in an apparent joke about Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

On Saturday, O’Brien posted a photo of himself in front of the beach in Tel Aviv, accompanied by the caption “Shalom #Israel.”

The late night talk show host is in Israel to film an episode for his “Conan Without Borders” series.

For the filming of the episode, which will be shot at locations across Israel, O’Brien will spend five days in the country barring any last-minute changes, the Ynet news site reported earlier this month.

It is O’Briens first trip to Israel, although the comedian has often poked fun at the Jewish state, including joking that then candidate Trump cancelled a trip to Israel in 2015 since “they already have a wall and a fear of Muslims.”

O’Brien has previously filmed a number of his “Conan Without Borders” specials for his show outside the US, including most recently in Mexico in March.

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