Egyptian court declares People’s Assembly ‘null and void’

Supreme Administrative Court upholds Supreme Court’s dissolution of parliament in June

Illustrative: the Egyptian parliament. (AP/Asmaa Waguih)
Illustrative: the Egyptian parliament. (AP/Asmaa Waguih)

CAIRO — Egypt’s Supreme Administrative Court has upheld last summer’s ruling that dissolved parliament just days before Mohammed Morsi was declared victor in the country’s presidential election.

It ruled against an appeal by a former lawmaker who wanted the court to reinstate two-thirds of parliament, only excluding the third that was deemed to have been elected illegally.

The Saturday ruling upheld the decision of the Supreme Constitutional Court, which said parliamentary elections had incorrectly allowed party members to contest the third of seats set aside for independents.

The court called the lower house of parliament “null and void,” because the supreme constitutional court ruled the elections law unconstitutional, according to the Egypt Daily News.

Parliament convened once after its dissolution, on orders from Morsi, whose Brotherhood group controlled the most seats.

Morsi now holds legislative powers in the absence of parliament and after the forced retirement of generals with whom he previously shared powers.


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