Egyptian law professor: US causing our civil war

Egyptian law professor: US causing our civil war

Nabil Ahmed Helmy says Washington trying ‘to bring chaos’ to his country, Egypt ‘capable of toppling the US administration’

Egyptian legal expert Nabil Ahmed Helmy recently accused the United States of creating the chaos and civil war that has swept Egypt in recent months.

Helmy, a former law school dean at Zagazig University in Egypt, claimed in an interview last week with Egypt’s Channel 1 that Washington flip-flopped between calling the overthrow of president Mohammed Morsi a “coup” and a “revolution,” which he said “reflects the desire of this administration for the success of what they call ‘fourth-generation warfare,’ bringing chaos upon Egypt.”

Asked about the term “fourth-generation warfare,” he defined it as civil war.

“There have been four generations of warfare,” Helmy explained. “The first was war between countries, between tanks, like Rommel in the desert. Second-generation warfare was guerrilla warfare, and the third was occupation, as in the case of Iraq.”

America, he said, “invented this so-called fourth-generation warfare, which involves infighting between various groups in society, especially uneducated groups, leading to internal war and division.”

Helmy’s comments were translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Since the Egyptian army ousted Mohammed Morsi from the presidency on July 3, violence between the former leader’s Islamist supporters and the military has increased dramatically, with more than 500 people killed in fighting on Wednesday.

To prove American involvement in the unrest, Helmy noted that the current US ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, had “served as US ambassador to Algeria in the days of the civil war there. Then he worked in Iraq, and then in Syria. He is the architect of civil wars.”

Ford has been named as a potential successor to the outgoing US envoy in Cairo, a possibility that would be “extremely dangerous,” according to Helmy.

“I don’t care whether he takes orders from the CIA or not,” he said, “but he is the architect of civil war and internal unrest.”

Helmy described the current Egyptian strife as “an attempt to use attrition to make the region surrender. But here is where the attrition has come to an end. [Egypt] is more powerful than a nuclear bomb… a giant standing up to America… capable of toppling the US administration.”

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