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Hebrew U. organizes Buenos Aires cannabis conference

College says it chose Argentina for summit because of the country’s land extension and climatic variations

Illustrative: Cannabis leaves (Yossi Zamir/ Flash90)
Illustrative: Cannabis leaves (Yossi Zamir/ Flash90)

BUENOS AIRES — Hebrew University is organizing Argentina’s first international conference on medicinal cannabis.

The first International Conference on Cannabis’ Endocannabinoid and Medicinal System in Argentina´s history, will take place October 24-25 at NH Tango Porteño Hotel in Buenos Aires.

In August, the Argentine government passed a law on the Medicinal Use of Cannabis and its Derivatives after it was sanctioned by Congress in late March.

“This law aims to establish a regulatory framework for medical and scientific research of medical, therapeutic or palliative pain of the plant of cannabis and its derivatives use, guaranteeing and promoting comprehensive health care,” the law states.

Hebrew University explained why it chose Buenos Aires for the international academic conference, titled Latinoamericanna.

“Motivated by Argentina’s privileged potential, thanks to its land’s extension and climatic variations, its prestige in agricultural and technological methods, its undeniable scientific capacity and endowment…we can position Argentina and the region within this fascinating world of scientific progress and economic development,” said a statement on the conference’s website.

Israeli researcher Professor Raphael Mechoulan will be a featured panelist at the conference. Mechoulan was featured last month on the cover of the THC Magazine, which stands for The Hemp Connoisseur, as “the genius of cannabis,” in an article that recognizes Israeli expertise in the area.

Times of Israel staff contributed to this report.

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