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Firing at Stars of David, Hezbollah shows off alpine warfare skills

Terror group and Lebanese army release video clips of winter training; Iran-backed group’s fighters open fire at ‘Israeli’ targets, with their colleagues inexplicably alongside

A Hezbollah training video in the snow released on February 15, 2022. (Screen grab)
A Hezbollah training video in the snow released on February 15, 2022. (Screen grab)

The near-simultaneous release of propaganda videos in which Lebanon’s army and the terror group Hezbollah flaunt their alpine skills triggered an avalanche of comments online Wednesday, some jokingly referencing the Winter Olympics.

Iran-backed Hezbollah looked eager to demonstrate it was undeterred by recent heavy snowfall in a slick two-minute production released late Tuesday that soon started trending on social media.

Hezbollah fighters, having swapped their usual colors for all-white snow camouflage gear, are seen practicing on skis and snowmobiles.

The drills, which the video says took place near Lebanon’s southern border with Israel, used Stars of David for target practice.

At times the gunmen were apparently also aiming at their fellow cell members, who were inexplicably standing next to the targets.

Additionally, the fighters practiced hand-to-hand combat.

Also Tuesday, Lebanon’s army released a video showing its alpine unit performing drills in the snow.

Many on social media volunteered comparative analysis and style marks, while others drew parallels with the biathlon events at the Winter Olympics currently underway in Beijing.

Some suggested Hezbollah was preparing to assist Russian troops in an invasion of Ukraine.

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