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Hitler suffered from ‘microsized member,’ book says

Fuhrer’s petite penis was apparently caused by birth defect, adding to revelations about undescended testicle

Sue Surkes is The Times of Israel's environment reporter.

Undated file photo shows Adolf Hitler (right), and his mistress Eva Braun posing on the terrace of the Berghof, in Berchtesgeden, Germany. (AP, File)
Undated file photo shows Adolf Hitler (right), and his mistress Eva Braun posing on the terrace of the Berghof, in Berchtesgeden, Germany. (AP, File)

Recent revelations verifying the wartime song that Hitler had only one ball have taken a new turn, with the discovery that the Fuhrer also had a pocket-sized pecker, the Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

In their book Hitler’s Last Day: Minute by Minute, historians Jonathan Mayo and Emma Craigie say the Nazi leader suffered from the birth defect hypospadias, in which the urinary opening is not at the end of the penis, where it should be, but somewhere along the underside of the penis, or even at its base.

The condition makes urinating difficult and may go some way towards explaining Hitler’s alleged refusal to be seen naked.

In some cases of the defect, the penis also curves.

Affecting around one in 250 boys, hypospadias is most commonly linked to an undescended testicle — a condition attributed to Hitler by another historian in December of last year.

Professor Peter Fleischmann of Erlangen-Nuremberg University said Hitler’s medical records suggested “right-side cryptorchidism” — an undescended testicle. “The testicle was probably stunted,” Prof. Fleischmann said, according to the Bild newspaper.

“Hitler himself is believed to have had two forms of genital abnormality: an undescended testicle and a rare condition called penile hypospadias in which the urethra opens on the underside of the penis,” Mayo and Craigie now say.

Hitler’s hypospadias is also believed to have been noticed by his personal physician Theodor Morell, a qualified urologist, who prescribed hormones and amphetamines to boost his sexual performance, The Telegraph said.

Hitler’s sex life has long been a subject of historical debate.

Evidence suggests he had several romances with women. And the biographer of Eva Braun — with whom he lived and whom he married before they both committed suicide — described a normal sex life between the two.

Others have claimed Hitler was gay or bisexual. He, himself, portrayed himself as celibate and totally committed to the German nation.

British historian Ian Kershaw said Hitler was repulsed by personal contact and afraid of catching a sexually transmitted disease.

Ernst Hanfstaengl, of Hitler’s inner circle, described Hitler as “neither fish, flesh nor fowl, neither fully homosexual nor fully heterosexual… I had formed the firm conviction that he was impotent, the repressed, masturbating type.”

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