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LISTEN: Israel Prize-winning educator Prof. Alice Shalvi talks Jewish feminism

While live events are still scarce, this week’s podcast episode revisits an onstage interview in Jerusalem from January 2019

This week, to mark the start of the school year here in Israel, we’re revisiting a live Times of Israel/Beit Avi Chai event with one of Israel’s greatest educators, Prof. Alice Shalvi.

Back in January 2019, Shalvi spoke with Jewish World editor Amanda Borschel-Dan onstage at Beit Avi Chai in Jerusalem in honor of the publication of her memoir “Never A Native.” The memoir has since been awarded the National Jewish Book Award for Women’s Studies.

Shalvi will soon celebrate her 94th birthday. Among her many achievements, she is an Israel Prize laureate, and as one of the country’s pioneering religious feminists, she is one a founder of the Israel Women’s Network.

In addition to years teaching at the Hebrew University, Shalvi established the Pelech High School for Girls, a school that still continues her tradition of strong learning — and strong women.

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