Times of Israel Podcast'Polarization is a reflection of a collapse of curiosity'

LISTEN: Philosopher Micah Goodman on how to overcome a pandemic of polarization

Learn why the best-selling author doesn’t want to be wished a Happy New Year this High Holiday season

This week on The Times of Israel Podcast, we’re bringing you a recent conversation with philosopher and best-selling author Dr. Micah Goodman that was part of The Times of Israel’s new Behind the Headlines video events.

Global political polarization is on the rise, populations are more depressed than ever, and the Fast Information Revolution — aka a smartphone in every pocket — has counterintuitively created only more disconnect in the world.

“In a very deep sense, polarization is a reflection of a collapse of curiosity,” said Goodman last week.

The Times of Israel spoke with Goodman as part of the ongoing Behind the Headlines series. The interview was streamed exclusively for The Times of Israel Community last week. (To join the ToI Community and to catch future video interviews as they happen, please click here.)

Times of Israel Deputy Editor Amanda Borschel-Dan speaks with best-selling philosopher Micah Goodman for ToI’s Behind the Headlines series. (screenshot)

Other interviewees in the series have included Israeli writer Etgar Keret, performer Neshama Carlebach, and Natan Sharansky and Gil Troy about their new “memoirfesto,” “Never Alone.”

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