Al Jazeera denies rumor that hostage was held at employee’s home

Qatari news network Al Jazeera is stridently denying any link to Gaza-based journalist Abdallah Aljamal, amid unverified rumors that hostage Noa Argamani had been held at his home in central Gaza’s Nuseirat.

According to various rumors, some of which have been picked up by Hebrew-language media with varying levels of credulity, Argamani was held at the home of Dr. Ahmed Aljamal and his son Abdallah. They also claim that Abdallah is an employee of Al-Jazeera.

The reports base the claim on Rami Abdu, head of the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, who tweeted that soldiers climbed into the Aljamals’ home during the raid and killed several members of the family, including Ahmed and Abdallah. He notes that Abdallah is spokesman for the Hamas-run labor ministry in Gaza and has contributed to several news outlets in the past.

“This man is not from Al-Jazeera, and he did not work for Al-Jazeera at all, and he is not listed as working for Al-Jazeera neither now nor in the past,” al-Jazeera Jerusalem bureau chief Omar al-Walid says. “We do not know him, and all the rumors that have been spread are empty of content and not true at all.”

He adds that the network plans to sue anyone spreading rumors claiming a link to Abdallah Aljamal.

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