Ben Gvir backs off ‘rushed’ bill making police chief subordinate to him

A bill that would assign incoming national security minister Itamar Ben Gvir authority over the police force will be partially delayed, after a number of legal advisers warned against the rushed nature of the legislation currently making its way through a Knesset committee.

The most controversial part of the bill, which would force the police chief to acquiesce to the minister on policy decisions, will be pushed off until after the government is sworn in, expected in early January, along with a part of the bill relating to a timeline for police investigations, Ben Gvir tells the committee.

Other parts of the bill regarding authority granted to the revamped ministerial post and setting police policies on probes will stay on the table.

A statement from Otzma Yehudit says the clauses are split out “so the bill will not be struck down by the High Court.”

Yesh Atid takes credit for the delay, claiming that it worked “hour upon hour,” to reach “this amazing capitulation.”

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