Cabinet seen likely to accept ceasefire terms

As ToI’s Raphael Ahren reported late last night, signs are the cabinet, meeting this morning, may accept the Egyptian ceasefire, terms — despite opposition on the right. Whether Hamas will do so is far less clear.

“Those proposals are being considered very seriously,” diplomatic sources told the Times of Israel a few hours ago. Other Israeli media sites are also now quoting Israeli diplomatic sources suggesting that Jerusalem is inclining to accept, though Jewish Homes Naftali Bennett is opposed.

The terms, as published by Egyptian media require that:

1. Israel stops all its hostilities against the Gaza Strip in land, sea and air, committing not to launch a land strike or target civilians.

2. All Gaza factions commit to stopping all hostilities against Israel in land, sea, air and underground and targeting Israeli civilians.

3. Border crossings will be opened (not specifying where, likely with Egypt), allowing for people and commodities to move freely.

The idea would be a de-escalation of violence from 9 a.m. and a truce 12 hours later.

Following the cease-fire, talks about opening crossings between Gaza and Israel to allow more goods into the coastal strip would take place in Cairo, the text said. Cease-fire talks would be held by Egypt separately with both Israel and Hamas and other Palestinian factions.

The proposal emerged hours before US Secretary of State John Kerry is scheduled to arrive in Egypt to work to end the fighting between the two sides.

— Raphael Ahren, JTA