Court notes PA’s support and praise for bombers in terror ruling

The landmark Jerusalem District Court ruling that the PA is responsible for Palestinian terror attacks carried out at its instigation and support, publicized a short time ago (link is the court’s Hebrew-language summary), cites the Palestinian Authority and Palestine Liberation Organization’s “financial and practical support” as well as ideological encouragement for the attacks.

It cites the PA’s longtime policy of paying stipends to imprisoned terrorists and their families, as well as to families of suicide bombers killed while murdering Israelis. The ruling also notes that PA and PLO officials lionized the killers of Israeli civilians in official publications, in public rallies and by naming streets and city squares after them.

The PA’s own claims to have encouraged and even sent the terrorists, and “the declared policy of the PLO and PA, led by Yasser Arafat, to carry out terror attacks against Israel,” also point to the Palestinian government’s responsibility, the court says.

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