Druze MK offers Galilee cabins to families under rocket fire

MK Salah Sa’ad, a Druze lawmaker on the Zionist Union list, invites Israeli residents of towns targeted by Gazan rockets to take a breather from the stress of rocket fire and pay a free visit to his family’s bed-and-breakfast cabins in his hometown of Beit Jan in the north.

“In light of the security situation in the south, I invite the residents of the Gaza periphery to come and experience Druze hospitality first-hand,” Sa’ad says. “After the warm embrace the Druze community received from the Israeli public” — i.e., the support for the Druze in the crisis over the nation-state law — “we embrace the residents of the south and want to offer them a chance to ‘air out’ from the stress, and come to the Galilee.”

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