Dutch TV channel boss quits over alleged antisemitism

A top official at a new right-wing Dutch public television channel resigns after reports linking him to antisemitic propaganda.

Taco Dankers, head of the supervisory board at Ongehoord Nederland (Unheard Netherlands), quits after the NRC daily said he runs a think-tank that promotes conspiracies about Jews and has made antisemitic comments in interviews.

The populist channel, described as a Dutch version of Fox News, is due to join the Netherlands’ public TV system in January 2022.

Dankers says he is leaving as “controversy has arisen around my person,” and “my staying on would harm the important mission” of the broadcaster.

“I do not recognize myself in the image that the press paints of me and I distance myself in the strongest terms from antisemitism, racism and statements that lead to polarization, discrimination and hate speech,” he adds.

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