EU’s Borrell suggests Gaza ‘pause’ for access to hostages

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell suggests a plan under which Israel could suspend its military operation in Gaza in return for the Red Cross getting access to hostages held by Hamas.

“I think that a humanitarian pause counterbalanced by an access to hostages with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) as a first step to their release is an initiative on which we should work,” Borrell tells European Union diplomats in Brussels.

The EU, United States and Britain have been pushing for “humanitarian pauses” in the fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza to ensure people in the territory get help.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ruled out any truce until all hostages seized in Hamas’s October 7 attack are released.

“Call it a truce, window, whatever, but we need that violence recedes and that international humanitarian law is being respected,” Borrell says.

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