Eyal Golan cancels appearance at rally for Hebron soldier

Singer Eyal Golan cancels his attendance at a rally in Tel Aviv tomorrow to support the soldier who is charged with manslaughter for shooting dead a disarmed Palestinian attacker in Hebron last month.

“I decided yesterday to go and support the soldier and embrace his family. I never thought to go against the IDF chief of staff, whom I greatly admire. I never wanted to go against the IDF, which is the people’s army,” says Golan in a statement.

“To my regret, a part of the public took this to a place of values ​​and democracy, while all I wanted was to do was sing and embrace, in the name of art and myself as a singer, as a person. Unfortunately, I see that there are those who take my desire into the political realm, as though I am declaring war against the army.

“I have received dozens of calls from people like me, for whom on the one hand the soldier is important, and on the other hand the state and the army values ​​are a guiding light, and as such I have decided to cancel my participation in the rally tomorrow.

“Our democracy, the rule of law and the army are of supreme value to me. I hope with all my heart that the soldier and his family stay strong.”

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