Freed hostages call on Israelis to join march to Jerusalem

Louis Har, who was rescued by security forces from captivity in Gaza last month, says he is on his way to join hostages’ families on a march to Jerusalem to urge for a deal to free the captives.

In a video together with his partner Clara Merman, Har says they are joining the march “because we share the goal so that everyone will return to us soon!”

“We hope to see everyone,” he adds.

Gabriela Leimberg, who was freed in a temporary ceasefire deal in November, and Fernando Merman, who was rescued along with Har, say they saw the march before the previous agreement while in captivity, which “gave us so much strength and hope.”

“We saw the people of Israel crying out for the return of all the hostages,” they say, according to a statement from the Hostages and Missing Families Forum.

“We need you to be with us. Together, all the people of Israel will bring the 134 hostages home,” they say.

The hostages’ families and friends set off on a four-day march from Kibbutz Re’im to Jerusalem on Wednesday morning, under the banner of “United to free the hostages,” and are expected to enter the capital later today.

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