From Paris to beyond the Green Line?

There are opportunities to be found at every crisis: Outdoing PM Netanyahu’s call for French Jews to make aliyah, Housing Minister Uri Ariel penned a letter to the Yesha Council calling to settle all potential French immigrants in settlements across the Green Line.

Ariel instructed professionals in the Housing Ministry and Israel Lands Authority to draw plans to expand settlements and prepare for absorbing the French olim, Channel 2 reports Tuesday evening.

“There’s no doubt French Jews feel a deep identification with the Judea and Samaria settlement enterprise, and they will want to make their home there,” Ariel wrote.

With elections only two months away, French Jews felt ill at ease on Sunday between Netanyahu’s calls for immigration and French PM Manuel Valls assertion that “without French Jews, France is not France”. They probably feel even more queasy by Tuesday, when, in the wake of a very painful week, Ariel decided to use them as pawns in an electioneering game.

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