IDF condemns reservist protest against ‘soft’ approach in Gaza

The Israel Defense Forces condemns a protest by a group of reservists who put a sign on their armored vehicles as they were released from Gaza, appearing to call on the government to take a harsher approach to the war.

The reservists were pictured as they drove to hand over their equipment with signs saying “We too were released without resolution,” an apparent reference to the fact that the military has downgraded the intensity of the war before defeating the Hamas terror group.

“In recent hours pictures have emerged of reserve soldiers protesting during active duty and making use of IDF vehicles to do so.”

These acts are in violation of commands and have no place in the IDF, the military said, adding that it was investigating the act.

Hebrew media reported that a group of right-wing activists, who also conducted a recent campaign saying that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “was good for the Arabs” were behind the posters.


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