IDF: Hamas command center based out of UNRWA facility in central Gaza targeted in strike

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

A Hamas command and control center based out of an UNRWA facility in the central Gaza Strip was targeted in an airstrike earlier today, the Israeli military and Shin Bet say.

According to a joint statement, the site was used by Hamas to direct attacks against Israeli troops in the Netzarim Corridor and against humanitarian aid deliveries.

“The attack was carefully planned and carried out using precise weaponry to avoid as much harm as possible to uninvolved [civilians],” the IDF says.

According to the military, the command center was used to supply operatives with weapons, as well as other supplies to members of the terror group in tunnels.

“The Hamas terror organization systematically exploits international institutions and the civilian population as a human shield for terror actions against the State of Israel,” the IDF adds.

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