IDF says it hit Baalbek compound used by Hezbollah’s ‘logistical force build-up’ unit

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

Overnight, Israeli fighter jets struck a significant Hezbollah compound deep within Lebanon, the military announces.

According to the IDF, the facility in the Baalbek region belonged to Hezbollah’s Unit 4400, which it says is tasked with “logistical force build-up,” including delivering weaponry to Lebanon and within the country.

Lebanese media reported that strikes took place in the nearby Hemel District, and sources told AFP that three Hezbollah members were killed.

Additionally, several more Hezbollah targets, including a military compound and two buildings, were struck in Aitaroun, the military says.

The IDF says the strikes were a response to Hezbollah downing a military drone over south Lebanon yesterday.

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