IDF says Netanyahu was warned 4 times in 2023 about how enemies viewed internal unrest

The Israel Defense Forces says Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received multiple communiques from Military Intelligence in spring and summer 2023 warning him about how the country’s enemies were viewing the social upheaval in Israel at the time.

“During 2023, between March and July, four different warning letters were passed by the intelligence directorate, which showed how Israel’s enemies across theaters viewed the harm to cohesion in the State of Israel and the IDF in particular,” the IDF spokesperson says in a letter to the Hatzlacha NGO.

Hatzlacha says it filed a request for the information seven months prior.

Some have blamed the government’s attempts to overhaul the judiciary and the rise of a massive opposition movement for projecting weakness, leading Hamas to launch its onslaught on October 7.

During the widespread demonstrations, Air Force reservists and other military personnel froze their service in protest of the government’s moves, leading the army to warn at the time of possible impacts to the country’s defense capabilities.


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